In some cases, the use of the drug is undesirable due to the high risk of complications. The main contraindication is considered sensitivity to any component of the drug. The doctor must rule out allergies and other reactions in advance. If a patient has been diagnosed with an allergy to azole antimycotics in the past, fluconazole is not prescribed.

Other possible contraindications:

  • Patient age up to 4 years for capsules and tablets.
  • Carrying a child and the period of breastfeeding.
  • Simultaneous reception with other medications that lengthen the QT interval.
  • For use with cisapride tablets.

Treatment is carried out with caution in the presence of the following factors: impaired renal function, the appearance of skin reactions, a combination with other antimycotics, alcohol dependence, taking other hepatotoxic medications, disruption of the cardiovascular system or the presence of risk factors for such a condition, childhood, liver dysfunction.